A Fork In Time: The Alternate History Podcast

Episode 0117—Draft Diverted

August 10, 2021 A Fork In Time Episode 117
A Fork In Time: The Alternate History Podcast
Episode 0117—Draft Diverted
Show Notes

On August 12, 1941, the US House of Representatives by a single vote retained the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 preserving the recently instituted peacetime draft a mere months before the United States formally entered World War II with Speaker Sam Rayburn being a key factor in using a keen knowledge of House parliamentary rules and quick gavel to secure the vote.
How would US involvement in World War II have been different if the Act had not been retained?  Regular show contributor Chris Coppola joins to explore the topic.
Helpful and Referenced Web Links:
How Mr. Sam Saved the Draft  (Washington Post, August 18, 1991)
Dan Carlin's Supernova in the East (Episode 1 of 6)  [Hardcore History]

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