A Fork In Time: The Alternate History Podcast

Episode 0035—American Hannibal (Part 1)

January 09, 2020 A Fork In Time Episode 35
A Fork In Time: The Alternate History Podcast
Episode 0035—American Hannibal (Part 1)
Show Notes

Part 1 of 2

The US Presidential election of 1800 was one of the most unique with Thomas Jefferson being elected after the confusion of a tied vote in the electoral college and Aaron Burr becoming Vice President after a contested and controversial process in the House of Representatives.

What if a "rogue" elector had cast his ballot in a different way and Aaron Burr, who had been the nominee for Vice President, had actually been elected as President by the Electoral College and become the leader of the US the early years of the 19th Century?

Guest Host: Brant Frost
To See Brant's Timeline: CLICK HERE

Links to Helpful Wikipedia Articles on the Real Timeline:
1800 US Presidential Election:
Aaron Burr:
General James Wilkinson:

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